Cameroon male death case reparation laws



Cameroon male death case reparation laws

Cameroon male who was being detained in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture, was left with a loud voice claiming to be ”dead.”



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137 人

137 supporters


Total amount of current support


¥ 721,500

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Cameroon male who was being detained in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture, was left with a loud voice claiming to be ”dead.”






 10月5日 成田空港に到着

 10月6日 成田空港の入管に収容

 11月6日 牛久の入国者収容所東日本入国管理センターに移収

 11月14日 庁内診療により糖尿病等の病気を患っていることが判明









 午前11時27分    入管職員に対して、「気分が悪くて立つことができない」という訴えをした。

 午前11時42分    容態を心配した被収容者十数名が「Wさんを早く医者に診せろ」と述べ、ホールに留まり帰室を拒否する





 午前2時11分    胸の痛みと不眠を訴える。

 午前11時11分    ベッドから落ち、床で寝ているのが確認され、職員らによってベッドに戻された。



 午後7時12分~    ベッドの上で体を反転させ、苦しみもがきながら、「I'm dying」(私は死にそうだ)と声を発した。その後ベッドから落ち、一度は職員によってベッドにあげられたが、その後も落ち、床の上を苦しみながら転げ回っていた。


床で転がり苦しむ様子は続き、その様子は「0:35 床をズボン1枚で転げ回っている」「2:30 床にハーフパンツ1枚で横向きになっている」等と職員によって確認された。

    午前7時2分     職員が心肺停止状態にあるのに気付く

 午前7時19分     救急隊到着

 午前7時32分    救急搬送

    午前7時47分    牛久愛和総合病院に到着

 午前8時7分    心拍の再開がなく死亡が確認

【Summary of the case】

On March 30, 2014, at the Immigration Center East Japan Immigration Center located in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Cameroon male W (43 years old at the time) in custody complained of pain that he was likely to die, The case where the immigration staff was overdue for over 7 hours while monitoring, leading to death.

On September 26, 2017, I filed a lawsuit in the Mito District Court Ryugasaki Branch against Ms. F's bereaved mother Mr. F (resident in Cameroon) for 10 million yen.

【Time series】


Arrived at Narita Airport on October 5

October 6 Contained at Narita Airport Immigration

November 6 Ushiku Immigration Detention Center Transferred to East Japan Immigration Center

November 14 medical treatment in the central office revealed that she is suffering from a disease such as diabetes


February 27

We submitted a medical request stating that "I have serious chest pain." The staff also added that the person's proposal "I have a heartache for a week or so and it is hard to breathe," and I confirmed that "I have a painful face and I am sweating greasy sweat." Note that

March 15

"The feet are sore, I can not walk unless I grasp something"

March 16

A written proposal calling for a medical treatment stating that "I have a pain in my feet for about 12 days and I can not sleep at night. I feel dizzy" is submitted.

The Immigration Official, as a separate statement of the proposal, states that "The condition of the physical condition has been poor from a few days ago. The roommate and the same payee are begging for a quick visit to the Cameroon. We want a medical examination as soon as possible" submitted.

March 27

11:27 am I filed a complaint against the immigration officials saying "I feel sick and can not stand up."

11:42 am A few dozen detainees who worried about their physical condition stated that "Mr. W. should be consulted with a doctor promptly" and stay in the hall and refuse the return room

At 11:54 am, according to the instruction of the Chief of Treatment, Mr. W was moved from Room 104 to Room 3 and motion and motion surveillance using a surveillance camera was started. At this time, Mr. W was unable to walk on his own, was carried in a wheelchair and was taken to the rest room, and was put on the bed of Rest 3 by the immigration staff. After Mr. W's move out, the inmates in Block A and Block B were returned.

March 28

The results of the March 27 blood test are known. However, even though the test results on March 28 were obtained by the inspector, the immigration officials did not promptly obtain this and report it to the doctor. The doctor did not give medical care until Mr. W died on the 27th.

March 29

2:11 I complain of chest pain and insomnia.

11:11 am Dropped from bed, confirmed sleeping on the floor, and returned to bed by staff.

6:06 pm 7 minutes

"Required" with the board described as the original mom and asked the staff to respond. The same applies from 6:53 pm to 54 minutes.

7:12 pm-After turning over on the bed, I complained, "I'm dying" (I'm going to die) while suffering. After that, he fell from the bed and was raised to the bed by the staff at one time, but then fell and rolled around suffering on the floor.

The immigration officials observed this situation in a video, but recorded it as "no abnormality" in the activity diary.

March 30

It was confirmed by the staff that "rolling 0:35 on the floor with one trouser" and "2:30 lying on the floor with one half pants" etc. .

From around 3 am, Mr. W was almost immobile while lying on the bed below until the staff entered the room at 7:02 am.

7:02 am We notice that the staff is in cardiopulmonary arrest state

7:19 am Emergency team arrival

7:32 am Emergency transportation

7:47 am Ushiku Aiwa General Hospital arrives

8:07 am Confirmed death without resumption of heart rate