財務省改ざん事件に真実を!〜改ざんの経緯を明らかに〜訴訟 Look for the truth about the Treasury tampering case! ~ Clarifying the process of falsification ~ Proceedings

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公文書改ざんを強いられ自死に追い詰められた赤木俊夫さん(財務省近畿財務局勤務)。赤木さんに改ざんを命じたのは、財務省の誰なのか?政治家の関与はなかったのか?本当に責任を取るべき者は誰なのか、情報公開訴訟を通じて問います。 Toshio Akagi (working at Kinki Local Finance Bureau, Ministry of Finance) was forced to falsify official documents and was forced to die. Who in the Ministry of Finance ordered Mr. Akagi to be tampered with? Was there no politician involved? Through an information disclosure lawsuit, we ask who really should take responsibility.
















財務省理財局を中心とする財務省中枢はなぜ公文書の改ざんを赤木さんに命じたのか?内閣総理大臣や財務大臣の関与はなかったのか? 森友事件「財務省ルート」の解明を目指してたたかいます。















* This case is different from the proceedings for national compensation and information disclosure filed by Toshio Akagi's bereaved family. Lawyers, plaintiffs, and support groups are also different.

[Case overview]

The issue of falsification of settlement documents by the Ministry of Finance over the sale of state-owned land to the school corporation Moritomo Gakuen, which was discovered in 2018. In March of the same year, Toshio Akagi, a staff member of the Kinki Local Finance Bureau, was forced to die by suffering from being ordered to falsify documents.

Who ordered the tampering with Mr. Akagi? Why did you do that? In December 2021, we requested the disclosure of the document described below.

However, the Ministry of Finance has narrowed down the disclosure target to the "Akagi file", which is said to have been tampered with by Toshio Akagi, and has not disclosed many parts. The names and titles of civil servants of the Ministry of Finance and Kinki Local Finance Bureau, which are normally open to the public, were also not disclosed.

The reason for this is the almost unthinkable "fear" on the premise that "there is a flood of interviews and inquiries."

(Attachment for reasons for non-disclosure)

There are two mistakes here.

One is that my disclosure request was only for the "Akagi file".

The "Akagi file" left by Toshio Akagi is an important document, but if the name of the instructor of the Ministry of Finance is masked, the truth cannot be approached.

What's more, I asked for disclosure in a document that shows what the Ministry, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Finance, which Mr. Akagi would not have known.

The Akagi file document describes the exchange of emails between Mr. Akagi and the ministry, the documents before and after the falsification, but the reason why the falsification had to be done, the discussion at the ministry, and the politics that is the biggest problem. The presence or absence of home involvement is not stated.

The second error is that Article 5.1 (c) of the Information Disclosure Law does not disclose up to "the job of the public employee and the part related to the content of the job performance" that must be disclosed as an exception to personal information. is.

In principle, the Information Disclosure Law is "disclosure". As an exception to that principle, "personal information" such as the general public can be kept private.

And as an exception, it stipulates that information on the public affairs of civil servants must be disclosed. Considering that the public affairs of public servants are the administration itself, it is natural.

Why did the center of the Ministry of Finance, led by the Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, order Mr. Akagi to falsify official documents? Was there any involvement of the Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance? Moritomo case I am struggling to clarify the "Ministry of Finance route".

[What is required in the proceedings]

The subject of my disclosure request is as follows (December 20, 2021).

When the Ministry of Finance and the Kinki Local Finance Bureau ordered the late Toshio Akagi, who was a Kinki Local Finance Bureau employee, to falsify documents,

(1) Documents that explain the details of examinations and decision-making processes conducted within the Ministry of Finance

(2) A document that shows the content and date and time of the instructions received from the Minister of Finance and the report made to the Minister of Finance.

(3) Documents showing the content and date and time of instructions received from the Prime Minister and other Ministers of State and reports made to the Prime Minister and other Ministers of State.

The Treasury should publish all documents that fit this subject.

[Social significance of this case]

The Moritomo case is a complicated case involving many suspicions, but by clarifying "why the Ministry of Finance even falsified the document", we can take a step forward in the truth investigation.

If the Ministry of Finance had not tampered with or concealed it and disclosed the information, Toshio Akagi might not have chosen to commit suicide, and the Moritomo case would have been fully elucidated earlier.

Through this proceeding, we hope to take the country's democracy one step further by changing the attitude of the Ministry of Finance and revealing the truth of the Moritomo case.

[Use of donations]

It is used for legal fees and legal fees (including success fees).

We appreciate your understanding and support.



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