立候補年齢引き下げ訴訟 Lawsuit for Lowering the Age of Candidacy

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日本が直面する少子高齢社会、中高年が多くを占める政治の場に、若い世代の声はなかなか届きません。戦後変わらない立候補年齢は若者の政治参加を制限し、社会の一員として政治に関わることを難しくしています。長期的な視点を持った10代・20代の声が届く政治は、日本をもっと持続可能で、生きやすい社会にします。若い世代の声が届く社会に向けて、私たちは立候補年齢の引き下げを提案します。 In Japan’s aging society, where the older generation dominates the political arena, it is difficult for the voices of the younger generation to be heard. The unchanged age of candidacy since the post-war era restricts young people’s political participation and makes it difficult for them to engage in politics. A politics that embraces the voices of teenagers and people in their 20s with a long-term perspective will create a more sustainable and livable society in Japan. In pursuit of a society where the voices of the younger generation are heard, we propose lowering the age of candidacy.


Report on the date of the first oral argument

2023/10/12 13:16






The first oral argument was held at 11:00 a.m. today (October 12, 2023) in Courtroom 703 of the Tokyo District Court.

The plaintiffs filed a complaint, and the state filed an answer. The state's answer is before the merits of the case (as a premise for discussing whether the 25 and 30 age provisions are contrary to the Constitution, it is an argument that the plaintiff's complaint does not meet the procedural requirements for proceeding with the trial in the first place) ).

The court instructed the government to submit its argument on the merits (the country's argument that the provision does not violate the Constitution) by December 8.

In front of a full audience, plaintiff Momoko Nojo , plaintiff Chico. , and attorney Toda made statements to the judge.

The next hearing will be held on December 25th at 2:00 pm in Courtroom No. 703. I hope you will be able to listen next time.


We filed the case on July 10, 2023

2023/7/20 17:00



提訴時に提出をした証拠のうち、証拠説明書甲7 調査報告書(国会及び各政党における被選挙権年齢引き下げに関する議論状況)甲8 陳述書(能條桃子)甲9 陳述書(吉住海斗)甲10 (中村涼香)甲11 (Chico.)甲12 (久保遼)甲13(中村涼夏)も併せてアップロードしております。



また、同日19時からは港区にあるSHIBAURA HOUSEにて、提訴報告会「わくわく決起集会」を開催いたしました。













We filed the case on July 10, 2023 at Tokyo District Court.

The complaint is available here. See also a summary version of the complaint which summarises the main points.

Among the evidence submitted at the time of filing the complaint, the Statement of Evidence, A7 Investigation Report (Status of discussions in the Diet and political parties), A8 Written Statement (Momoko Nojo), A9 Written Statement (Kaito Yoshizumi), A10 (Ryoka Nakamura), A11 (Chico.), A12 (Ryo Kubo), A13 (Ryoka Nakamura) are also been uploaded.

At the same time as the lawsuit was filed, we opened this crowdfunding page to the public, and the number of supporters exceeded 100 in the first five days after it was opened. We would like to thank everyone for your support.

Numbers of the press attended the press conference after the lawsuit was filed, where we explained the purpose and significance of this lawsuit and the thoughts of each of the plaintiffs.

On the same day, from 19:00, an "Exciting Rally" was held at SHIBAURA HOUSE in Minato Ward, Tokyo, to report on the lawsuit.

Participants applied in advance via SNS, etc., and lots of people (24 people) attended the event. After an explanation of the lawsuit by the attorneys, the plaintiffs each made a declaration of their commitment to the lawsuit. In the workshop that followed, the plaintiffs and participants formed groups and discussed the drafting of a manifesto from the perspective of young people and how election campaigning should be conducted.

▲Plaintiffs expressing their opinions.

▲Group discussion at the workshop

▲A poster resembling an election poster was displayed with the cooperation of a designer.

▲Uchiwa (Japanese fans) were also prepared by the designer.

Thank you very much for your participation!

We would announce here about the court hearing date when we received the schedule from the court.

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Thank you very much for your support.


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若い世代の声が届く社会に向けて、私たちは、#立候補年齢の引き下げを 提案します。