CALL4 Courtroom STATION Vo.1 has been published


解説動画・CALL4法廷ステーションVol.1 優生保護法に奪われた人生「もしも突然手術室に連れて行かれ、勝手に子供を持てない体にされてしまったら?」(出演:原告・北三郎さん、弁護士・関哉直人さん)を公開いたしました。



Regarding the "State Compensation Litigation under the Old Eugenics Protection Law" case, CALL4 Courtroom STATION Vo.1 (Performance: Plaintiff Mr. Saburou Kita & Mr. Naoto Seki Attorney at law) has been published.

On February 22, 2022, the plaintiffs won their case in the Osaka High Court against a lawsuit "State Compensation Litigation under the Old Eugenics Protection Law", but the government has appealed the compensation order. Tomorrow, on March 11, 2022, the Tokyo High Court will render its decision, and as CALL4 Court STATION Vol. 1, we have created an explanatory video about the trial.

CALL4 Courtroom STATION Vo.1
Life Stolen by Eugenic Protection Laws "What if all of a sudden they took our children to the operating room and made he/she incapable of having children?"

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