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CALL4 is the first online platform in Japan dedicated for litigation funding with the goal of addressing social problems. By reading and understanding the plight of some of the underserved people we hope people will be encouraged to spread the word about the causes, to get involved in their own manner, or to participate financially.

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CALL4では、さまざまな公共訴訟ケースへの支援を募るとともに、訴訟資料を公開しています。 CALL4 collects support for various public interest litigation cases and publish litigation materials.

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Why do you need donation to file a litigation?


Lawsuits are extremely costly and require an incredible amount of time. It places too much burden on underserved individuals. Your donation will help provide aid to the people who are trying to address social problems through their lawsuits.

CALL4が目指すもの Our Mission

  • CALL4共同代表 CALL4 Co-Executive Director
  • 谷口太規 Motoki Taniguchi

CALL4は、「社会課題の解決を目指す訴訟」がなぜ起こされているのか、その背景と、訴訟に込められた人々の思いや物語を届けます。そして、関心や問題意識を持つ人達が、気軽に、寄付や、それぞれのやり方で訴訟に関われる場を提供します。 CALL4 was established to advocate on behalf of those who are involved in lawsuits which could help to address a wide array of social problems through sharing their stories.

私たちは、CALL4を通じて、これまで縁遠く、閉ざされがちであった司法を、多くの人たちにひらきたいと願っています。なぜなら、ここにある人々の思いや物語は、本当は「私たちの」思いや物語でもある可能性があるからです。 We hope our platform will be a place for everyone who is concerned or interested in the issues we raise to get positively involved by donating financially or participating in a different way.

ここで議論されていることは、私たち自身が生きる社会をどうしていくのかについてです。正確で網羅的な情報の提供は、私たちに多角的な気付きを与え、生産的な議論を後押しするはずです。 The judicial process has long been considered closed, and irrelevant to most. CALL4 also strives to be a positive channel through which the voice of the people can be heard. Because we believe that you may realize that their stories and opinions are not something irrelevant, but in fact they are the same as yours.

社会を形づくる力の一つである司法が、真に人々にひらかれたものとなった時、より多様で公正な社会を見ることができるはずだと私たちは信じています。 The legal system is one of the building blocks of the society. And we believe that ensuring the accessibility of the law for all is the best path towards a new, more diverse and fair society.

法律家のみなさまへ To lawyers

We want to make CALL4 a shared platform for everyone working in the law.

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