地方議会に横行する「少数派議員潰し」に立ち向かう訴訟 Proceedings against "minority crushing" rampant in local council

#政治参加・表現の自由 #Democracy/Freedom of Expression

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湯河原町の税金滞納者(約2000件)の個人情報を町議会議員に配布。驚愕し、議会でただした新人議員に対し2回の懲罰、それを議会報で大体的に広報。これに対し、懲罰の取消と名誉の回復を求める訴訟。加えて、この滞納者リストが議会の中でどう扱われてきたのかを明らかにするための情報公開訴訟。少数派であっても、おかしいことはおかしいと言える地方議会に。議員と町民オンブズマンが起こした2つの訴訟を応援ください! A seeking cancellation of punishment due to mention the distribution personal information of tax delinquents to town council members, An information disclosure to clarify how the list was treated.


Information disclosure proceedings (plaintiff Yugawara citizen ombudsman) appeal

2022/4/23 17:18

2022年2月16日 情報公開訴訟 

1審判決に対し、被告(湯河原町)が控訴しました。 判決の傍論で述べられた「法令等」に議会規則は含まれないとする部分を変更するようにという趣旨の控訴です。

February 16, 2022 Information Disclosure Proceedings

Defendant (Yugawara Town) appealed against the 1st trial decision. It is an appeal to the effect that the part that the parliamentary rules are not included in the "laws, etc." stated in the dictum of the judgment should be changed.


Town council member disciplinary action cancellation lawsuit (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya town council) document submission order

2022/4/23 17:14

2022年4月20日 町議会議員懲罰処分取消訴訟(原告土屋由希子町議) 文書提出命令 

この裁判で、原告は、町に対し、懲罰の根拠となった町議会における原告の定例会の発言の内容を明確にするため、同定例会議事録の提出を求めたが、町が拒否し、裁判所の決定に委ねられていた。 同日、この議事録は発言を特定するための最も客観的な証拠として証拠調べの必要性が認められると、文書提出命令が出された。

April 20, 2022 Town council member disciplinary action cancellation lawsuit (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya town council) Document submission order

In this case, the plaintiff asked the town to submit the minutes of the identification case meeting in order to clarify the content of the plaintiff's regular meeting in the town council that was the basis of the punishment, but the town refused and the court refused. It was left to the decision of. On the same day, a document submission order was issued, recognizing the need to examine the minutes as the most objective evidence to identify the statement.


Information Disclosure Proceedings (Plaintiff Yugawara Citizens Ombudsman) Judgment

2022/4/23 15:46

2022年2月2日 情報公開訴訟(原告ゆがわら市民オンブズマン)判決 

町のした非公開決定は、その理由として条例をそのまま記載しただけで、理由の提示の条件を満たさない違法なものとして、非公開決定を取り消すとの判断が出された(ただし、公開決定をするというところまでは認められず) なお、傍論(判決に関わらない部分)として、この条例における「法令等」で定める非公開情報という文言は、法律と条例を指し、議会規則はそれには含まれないとした(=議会規則を根拠として非公開決定できない)。

February 2, 2022 Information Disclosure Proceedings (Plaintiff Yugawara Citizens Ombudsman) Decision

It was decided that the private decision made by the town would be canceled as an illegal one that simply stated the ordinance as the reason and did not meet the conditions for presenting the reason (however, the public decision was decided). In addition, as a dictum (a part not related to the judgment), the wording of non-public information stipulated in "laws, etc." in this ordinance refers to laws and ordinances, and parliamentary rules are included in it. He said he couldn't (= he couldn't make a private decision based on the parliamentary rules).


Town council member disciplinary action cancellation request case (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya town council) 6th date

2022/4/23 15:43

2022年2月2日 町議会議員懲罰処分取消請求事件(原告土屋由希子町議)第6回期日 横浜地方裁判所第1民事部   

原告が準備書面5・証拠甲75-80を提出  結局、電話会議となった。裁判所から、文書提出命令の決定を出すのに2、3ヶ月かかるということで、それを待つということに。

February 2, 2022 Town council member disciplinary action cancellation request case (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya town council) 6th date Yokohama District Court 1st Civil Department

Plaintiff submits brief 5 and evidence A75-80. Eventually, it was a conference call. It will take a couple of months for the court to issue a decision to submit a document, so I will wait for it.


Town council member disciplinary action cancellation request case (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya town council) 5th date

2022/1/20 2:05

2021年12月22日 町議会議員懲罰処分取消請求事件(原告土屋由希子町議)第4回期日 横浜地方裁判所第1民事部 









次回は2月2日(水)15時。 この日は情報公開訴訟の方の判決があるので、この期日が終わり次第、判決と合わせて、報告集会を行う予定。 みなさま、どうぞお越しください。

December 22, 2021 Town council member disciplinary action cancellation request case (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya town council) 4th date Yokohama District Court 1st Civil Department

Defendant submits Preparatory Document 3, Evidence Otsu 23-28 on December 14th

Plaintiff submits brief 4, Evidence A 70-74-2 on December 20

In addition, the plaintiff submitted documents and evidence regarding the document submission order and offered to cross-examine the plaintiff Tsuchiya (the plaintiff applied for cross-examination will be the deputy mayor and Tsuchiya).

Defendant: The plaintiff will argue speedily, so I would like you to set a deadline just to discuss the progress as to who you will not be able to respond to and who you will be cross-examined.

Plaintiff: There is no need to set up such a thing separately (it will not be possible to hear on that date). After a year, he also proved his claim. I want you to issue a document submission order as soon as possible.

Defendant: (About the plaintiff's attempt to cross-examine Mr. Tsuchiya and the deputy mayor) I'm not sure if he will say that only the plaintiff knows, or what kind of proof he will do, so I'd like a deadline to discuss the progress. The allegations regarding the document submission order are over.

Court: I need some time because I will discuss (consult with three judges). About 5 minutes have passed since all the judges left

Court: Next time, we will discuss the argument date (normal date), and the purpose is to discuss the progress.

Next time is 15:00 on February 2nd (Wednesday). Since there is a judgment of the information disclosure lawsuit on this day, a report meeting will be held together with the judgment as soon as this date is over. Please come and join us.


Town council member punishment cancellation request case (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya town council) 4th date

2021/10/26 23:08

2021年10月25日 町議会議員懲罰処分取消請求事件(原告土屋由希子町議)第4回期日 横浜地方裁判所第1民事部

 今回の裁判で提出されたもの 原告:準備書面3 &  証拠(甲54−69)提出、元副町長の露木氏の証人申請 被告:文書提出命令に対する被告の意見の訂正 原告から準備書面3の内容について法廷で要点の説明。特に強調したい点が4つ ・陳謝命令は議会が好き勝手に決め裁判所の判断を仰がなくて済むという聖域ではない 10/8、群馬県の榛東村議会で、発言内容が会議規則に違反するとの理由で陳謝命令が出たが陳謝を拒否したことで出席停止1日という懲罰となった事案で、群馬県に懲罰の取り消しの審決を求めていたものにつき、知事が陳謝に十分な合理性を認められないとして、裁量逸脱を認め、取り消しとした。 この事案を鑑みれば、本件においても裁判所は陳謝につき判断すべき。 

・議員に滞納者名簿を配布したことはそもそも違法 名簿配布を問題なしとする町の主張の根拠は、町議会に地方自治法98条の検査権を付与されているから。 しかし、この検査権が付与されている特別委員会は、全国の特別委員会の中でも0.1%のみ。 県に対して情報公開請求をしたところ、湯河原町からの回答は、この検査を行ったことことはないとのこと。 そうであれば、名簿の議会提出は個人情報保護条例・地方税法違反であることは明確で、原告がその事実を指摘したことは、違反行為をやめさせるための正当な行為(=違法性がない)。

 ・土屋議員の出席停止処分は議員活動に重大な影響があった 町はわずか51分の議会に出られなかっただけとするが、議会最終日で、合計10件の議事があって、原告は討論を通告してあった。 群馬県知事の判断したケースは、議会が28分だったとしても逸脱がないとはいえないとしている。 

・議会の広報活動が名誉毀損の責任を負うのは当然 次回の期日で、被告は、これら原告の主張に反論するとのことだった。 原告は、秘密会の議事録において懲罰の根拠となる部分を文書提出命令で明らかにすることを申し立てているが、それに対し被告は出さなくていいと主張しており、これについて再度原告が反論をすることとなった。 


October 25, 2021 Case of request for cancellation of disciplinary action for town council members (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya town council) 4th date Yokohama District Court 1st Civil Affairs Department

What was submitted in this court Plaintiff: Brief 3 & Evidence (Exhibit Ko No. 54-69) submitted, application for witness of Mr. Rouki, former deputy mayor Defendant: Correction of defendant's opinion on document submission order Contents of brief 3 from plaintiff Explanation of the main points in court. There are four points I would like to emphasize in particular. ・ The apology order is not a sanctuary where the parliament decides freely and does not have to ask the court's decision. In the case where the apology order was issued for the reason of Was not admitted, and the discretionary deviation was admitted and canceled. In view of this case, the court should decide on the apology in this case as well.

・ It is illegal to distribute the list of delinquents to members of the Diet The reason for the town's claim that distribution of the list is not a problem is that the town council is granted the right to inspect Article 98 of the Local Autonomy Law. However, only 0.1% of the special committees nationwide are granted this inspection right. When I requested the prefecture to disclose information, the reply from Yugawara Town was that this inspection had never been done. If so, it is clear that the submission of the list to the parliament is a violation of the Personal Information Protection Ordinance / Local Tax Law, and the plaintiff's point out that fact is a legitimate act (= illegality) to stop the violation. No).

・ The suspension of attendance by Representative Tsuchiya had a significant impact on the activities of members of the Diet. I was informed of the debate. The case judged by the Governor of Gunma states that even if the parliament takes 28 minutes, it cannot be said that there is no deviation.

-It is natural that the public relations activities of the parliament will be liable for defamation on the next date, and the defendant will refute these plaintiffs' allegations. The plaintiff has alleged that the minutes of the secret meeting should clarify the part on which the punishment is based in the document submission order, but the defendant has argued that it is not necessary to issue it, and the plaintiff again argues against this. It was decided to do.

The next due date is from 10:00 on December 22nd.

2021年8月30日 町議会議員懲罰処分取消等請求事件(原告土屋由希子) 第3回

August 30, 2021 Case of request for cancellation of disciplinary action for town council members (plaintiff Yukiko Tsuchiya) 3rd

2021/10/20 19:21

横浜地方裁判所第1民事部 令和3年(行ウ)第7号 被告より準備書面1、2及び乙10~22提出。これに対し、原告は次回反論予定。 原告は、訴訟において、原告の議会やSNS等での発言のどこが被告が懲罰をした「秘密会の議事の口外」に当たるのかを特定する必要があると、当該秘密会の原告による一般質問の部分につき文書提出命令を求めたが、被告は、当該部分は原告が削除をいったん認めたので消滅している等として拒否。しかし、それでは懲罰の根拠もなくなってしまうはずなので、原告は、不適当と主張し、裁判所による判断を仰ぐこととなった。(このようなやりとりが法廷において行われた)

Yokohama District Court 1st Civil Affairs Department Reiwa 3rd year (Gyo C) No. 7 Defendant submitted briefs 1 and 2 and Exhibit Otsu No. 10-22. In response, the plaintiff will argue next time. In the proceedings, the plaintiff needs to specify which part of the plaintiff's remarks in the parliament, SNS, etc. corresponds to the "outside of the secret meeting proceedings" that the defendant punished, the part of the general question by the plaintiff of the secret meeting. The defendant requested a document submission order, but the defendant refused because the plaintiff once approved the deletion and the part had disappeared. However, this would have no basis for punishment, so the plaintiff argued that it was inappropriate and asked for a court decision. (Such an exchange took place in court)

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