鬼怒川大水害訴訟 Kinugawa Huge Flood Litigation

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Oral argument at the 2nd Kinugawa Flood Damage Trial (July 12, 2019)

2019/9/6 21:56




鈴木裕也 弁護士の陳述







Oral argument at the 2nd Kinugawa Flood Damage Trial (July 12, 2019)

The heavy rains in Kanto and Tohoku that hit the Kanto region on September 10, 2015 , resulted in a massive flood that hit Joso city located downstream of Kinugawa. The flooded area is 40km2. The flood was equivalent to the area of Koto Ward in Tokyo. On July 12th, four years after that, the second Kinugawa Flood Trial was transferred to the Mito District Court of the headquarters by the unusual circulation from the Shigetsuma branch of the Mito District Court. (Chairman), Hiroyuki Minami (Starboard), Kohei Kobayashi (Portside)

Hiroya Suzuki Statement of lawyer

This argument is a re-argument against the national argument. Standing is Yuya Suzuki (Sho Mito Office), the youngest lawyer of the defense team. Using the power point, I cheated the court.

Kazumi Katakura's statement of opinion (summary)

I lived on a waterway with two houses in three generations with my parents, private couple, and my son. One of them was severely damaged and the other was damaged.

At first, I had given up on flood damage as a natural disaster, but I joined the “Joint Flood Damage Victims Association” and gradually became aware of the causes of flood damage. In January 2016, participated in a discussion with the country held at the House of Representatives Second House. I touched the country's irresponsibility and insaneness, and I thought that this would not only compensate for our damage, but that flood damage that would occur throughout the country would not go away.

I'm sorry. Without flooding, there should have been no tragedy that would have lost life, such as those who lost their families, those who lost their property, or those who lost their jobs. The country should admit non, and change to river administration that is trusted by the people for the people.

Today is the 340th day after filing the complaint. The trial has been circulated without any explanation from our local Shimotsuma branch to the Mito district court. In the future, please proceed promptly and make a fair judgment.

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