海は誰のもの?沖縄県への「開発認可取消」訴訟(沖縄海岸国定公園事業) Who owns the sea?Lawsuit against Okinawa prefecture for canceling development authorization (Okinawa coast national park project)

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“ 自然の恩恵、国定公園 ” 私たち国民が享受するべき、平等な権利を守ること。

沖縄県恩納村の国定公園内で行われているホテル開発(ハレクラニ沖縄 / 三井不動産)において、沖縄県の開発許可は間違いです(環境庁管轄であれば許諾しないと環境庁から回答あり)。違法な開発認可の取消を求めます。
“Benefits of nature, a national park” Protecting the equal rights that our people should enjoy. We have filed an administrative lawsuit against cancellation of development authorization against Okinawa Prefecture. In the hotel development (Halekulani Okinawa / Mitsui Fudosan) carried out in the National Park in Onna Village, Okinawa Prefecture, the Okinawa Prefecture's development permission is incorrect (if it is not under the jurisdiction of the Environment Agency, the Environment Agency responds that it will not permit it). We call for the cancellation of illegal development approvals. In Okinawa, which boasts one of the richest natural environments in Japan, the nature to be protected is being destroyed daily by over-exploitation of Okinawa Prefecture. The benefits of “Japanese nature” are equally entitled to the people. Why is there illegal development despite the fact that nature protection is regulated by law?


Onsite inspection of the judges

2020/1/4 18:18



Onsite inspection of the judges on September 11, 2019

Three Naha District Court judges (Chief Judge Kazuhiro Yamaguchi and others), a secretary, an Okinawan lawyer, and Okinawan officials accompanied the site visit.
They checked comparing the current state of the hotel from the plaintiff's home, the view of the hotel where the sea is no longer visible, and the state before the development, which has already been submitted as a document in the trial.

My complaint is not exaggerated. These illegal rampant developments have destroyed the nature which is the country's property, and I have repeatedly denounced in writing that this very dangerous situation was caused for the sole sake of one company's profit. Thus, I was glad to have the opportunity to speak directly to the people on site with my own words.

The coastline of Okinawa is surrounded by the hotel's retaining wall, and these restrictions according to which only hotel users can enter the beach shouldn't increase.

The problem is that the Okinawan government has granted approval, ignoring the law. I sincerely hope that the right judgment will be passed in accordance with the law.

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Megumi BOURDET(ブルデ恵)


It has been 7 years since I’ve moved from Tokyo to Okinawa. My husband is a French native of Marseilles and I’m also the mother of 2 boys (11 and 6 years old).
Okinawa’s issues are not only about US military bases. Natural environment, rampant development, neglecting the residents are also serious issues. Those are issues I couldn’t see when I used to travel here because I love Okinawa.
When I heard a hotel will be developed right front of our house, I thought ”Who owns the sea?” and that was the trigger of this lawsuit.
The law wasn’t something familiar in my life and I never thought I would someday experience myself an administrative lawsuit.
Although no one knows the outcome, claiming our ”deserved rights” is nothing particular. People’s rights should normally be defended by the law. However, once I’ve started working on the lawsuit, I’ve realized myself how much we were usually indifferent to those rights.