カメルーン人男性死亡事件国賠訴訟 A compensation lawsuit against the Japanese government, et al., regarding the death of a Cameroonian in the Ushiku detention center.

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 2014年3月30日、茨城県牛久市の入管収容所に収容中のカメルーン人男性が、大声で「死にそうだ」と訴えながら放置され、死に至った事件。 A detained Cameroonian in the Ushiku detention center, Ibaraki Prefecture, was abandoned and died, although he had been seeking help by screaming “I’m dying” overnight.

220428 進行協議期日

220428 Progress consultation date

2022/4/28 17:39


Both sides will consider the settlement proposal from the court presented last time, and will consider it again by the next time. I'm sorry, but I can't give you any further details.

211210 口頭弁論期日(通算18回目 証人尋問期日)

211210 Oral argument date (18th witness cross-examination date in total)

2022/3/18 14:55

2021年12月18日 13時30分〜 水戸地裁301号法廷





2022年3月18日 13時30分〜 水戸地裁301号法廷


December 18, 2021 13: 30- Mito District Court No. 301 Court

The witnesses of Dr. Hara (applied by the plaintiff) and Dr. Higashiya (applied by the defendant country) were cross-examined.

In the cross-examination of Dr. Hara of the country, Mr. W was cross-examined on the premise that he had a meal at around 18:55 on March 29, 2014, but when I checked the video on the spot, I didn't eat at the same time.

Next time, we are planning to conclude the trial, and we will submit the final briefs based on the results of the witness cross-examination, but before that, we will confirm the above video and make both sides' claims.

[Next time]

March 18, 2022 13: 30- Mito District Court No. 301 Court

Both sides submit the final briefs at least one week in advance. The argument is scheduled to end.

210720 Web会議による弁論準備(通算17回目)

210720 Web conference preparation for speech (17th time in total)

2021/12/10 18:03










Tuesday, July 20, 2021 11: 00- @ Milestone L / O


Plaintiff: Submitted the 12th Brief, Exhibit Ko No. 54-56.


Submission of evidence application form (application for witness of Dr. Higashiya).

【next time】

Next cross-examination. Dr. Hara (main question 30 minutes, counter-examination 40 minutes), Dr. Higashiya (main question 30 minutes, counter-examination 45 minutes) in that order.

With the above, the oral argument preparation procedure is completed.

Next time, September 3rd (Friday) 13: 30- @ Mito District Court 301

210611 Web会議による弁論準備手続(第16回)

210611 Web conference preparatory procedure for speech (16th)

2021/7/7 15:23





2021年7月20日11時30分〜 Web会議による弁論準備手続



Defendant June 7 Brief (6)

Submission of Exhibit Otsu 25 (Regarding the number of "measures such as restraint" that occurred from January to March 2016 in Ushiku Immigration Bureau)

[Next date]

July 20, 2021 11: 30-Preparation procedure for speech by web conference

The other party's briefs will be submitted by July 9th.

210419 Web会議による弁論準備手続(第15回)

210419 Web conference preparatory procedure for speech (15th)

2021/4/27 18:36

2021/4/19 13:15〜 Web会議による弁論準備手続(第15回)








2021/4/19 13:15 ~ Web conference preparatory procedure for speech (15th)


10th Preparatory Document, 11th Preparatory Document, Exhibits A48 to Exhibit A53, Proposal of Evidence

The court is considering hiring two doctors who have applied for witnesses from the plaintiff this time.

[Next date]

June 11, 2021 (Friday) 11: 30-

Defendant refutes the plaintiff's document this time (the deadline for submitting the document is June 7)

Both sides confirm the dates when doctors will come to the Mito District Court for cross-examination.

210226 Web会議形式による弁論準備手続(第14回)

210226 Web conference-style speech preparation procedure (14th)

2021/4/27 17:45

2021/02/26 11時15分〜 Web会議形式による弁論準備手続




・国 準備書面5,乙22−24




4月19日13時15分 Webによる弁論準備手続 原告はマイルストーン総合法律事務所で

2021/02/26 11: 15- Web conference format speech preparation procedure


・ Plaintiff's 9th brief, Exhibit Ko 47 (bereaved family email)


・ National Brief 5, Exhibit Otsu 22-24

[Preparation until next time]

(We) Counterargument to the national briefs + application for personal identification (Dr. Hara, Dr. Higashiya) → Until the end of March.

[Next date]

April 19, 13:15 Web speech preparation procedure Plaintiffs at Milestone General Law Office

201120 口頭弁論期日(第13回)

201120 Oral argument date (13th)

2021/4/27 17:42

2020年11月20日 11時30分〜 水戸地方裁判所301号法廷



2021年2月26日午前11時15分 弁論 301号法廷


・被告 準備書面を2月19日までに提出

November 20, 2020 11: 30- Mito District Court No. 301 Court

・ Plaintiff submits the 8th brief dated October 29 ・ Exhibits A45 and 46
・ Otsu 20, 21

[Next date]

February 26, 2021 11:15 am Oral No. 301 Court


・ Submit the defendant's briefs by February 19 ・ The plaintiff will consider whether to re-argue against the defendant's next briefs by the next deadline. Consider by

200918 口頭弁論期日(第12回)

200918 Oral argument date (12th)

2021/1/21 16:31

2020年9月18日午後11時 水戸地方裁判所301号法廷











2020年11月20日 11時30分〜 水戸地方裁判所 301号法廷

September 18, 2020 11:00 pm Mito District Court No. 301 Court

Oral argument date

The presiding judge and the right seat were replaced.


・ Preparation document dated July 3, 2020 4

・ Exhibit Otsu 20 (report of the government hearing opinions from doctors) Exhibit Otsu 21 (medical book)


・ The complaint against Mr. Kawamura, who was the director of Ushiku at the time of the incident, was withdrawn on April 7, 2020.

【next time】

The plaintiff argues against the country's allegations.

[Next date]

 November 20, 2020 11: 30- Mito District Court No. 301 Court



2020/5/28 16:26





200306 口頭弁論期日(通算11回目)

200306 16:00-Mito District Court No. 302

2020/3/31 10:05

200306 16時〜 水戸地方裁判所302号法廷 口頭弁論期日(通算11回目)





・乙19 カメルーンの国家賠償制度についての文献







6月5日16時15分〜 水戸地方裁判所302号法廷 口頭弁論期日(通算12回目)



200306 16:00-Mito District Court No. 302, Oral Argument (11th in total)


・ Preparation document 7 (supplementation based on doctor's opinion. Responding to previous court's explanation)

・ Ko 43 (doctor's additional opinion) and Ko 44 ("What is Consciousness Disorder?"

[Defendant country]

・ Otsu 19 Literature on Cameroon's national compensation system


・ Next time, the government will refute plaintiffs' fifth to seventh preliminary documents.

-You can understand that you can submit national compensation to foreigners in Cameroon by submitting the second party. Is it OK that the state does not assert mutual assurance (Article 6 of the National Liability Law)?

→ The state does not assert itself.

-Based on this, the plaintiffs said that they would consider whether to keep the defendant Kawamura's individual appeal.

[Next date]

June 5, 16:15-Mito District Court No. 302, Oral Argument (12th in total)

・ Counter objection by defendant country

・ Plaintiff considers whether to withdraw Kawamura's personal complaint

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