カメルーン人男性死亡事件国賠訴訟 A compensation lawsuit against the Japanese government, et al., regarding the death of a Cameroonian in the Ushiku detention center.

#外国にルーツを持つ人々 #Immigrants/Refugees/Foreign residents in Japan
#公正な手続 #Procedural Justice

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 2014年3月30日、茨城県牛久市の入管収容所に収容中のカメルーン人男性が、大声で「死にそうだ」と訴えながら放置され、死に至った事件。 A detained Cameroonian in the Ushiku detention center, Ibaraki Prefecture, was abandoned and died, although he had been seeking help by screaming “I’m dying” overnight.

240123 控訴審口頭弁論期日

240123 Appellate trial oral argument date

2024/1/23 14:48


・2024年1月9日付け控訴第2準備書面 前回の証人尋問を踏まえた主張の補充

・2024年1月19日付け控訴第3準備書面 一審被告の準備書面(2)への反論





[Plaintiff of first instance]

・Appeal second preparatory document dated January 9, 2024 Supplementation of arguments based on previous witness examination

・Third appellate preparatory document dated January 19, 2024 Refutation of the first instance defendant's preparatory document (2)


[First instance defendant]

・Preparatory document dated January 9, 2024 (2)

As there was no further argument or proof on either side, the argument was concluded and a judgment was handed down at the next time.

231012 控訴審第3回 口頭弁論期日(証人尋問期日)

231012 3rd Appeals Trial Oral Argument Date (Witness Examination Date)

2023/10/12 17:24



次回は2024年1月23日14時〜 結審予定です。

On March 29, 2014, an immigration officer who was working in the rest room where the deceased Mr. W was located was questioned as a witness.

The audience seats of about 40 people were almost full. Thank you for your support!

The next hearing is scheduled for January 23, 2024 from 2:00 p.m.


230711 for agreement

2023/10/12 17:17




次回は10月12日14時〜 717号法廷





The government submitted the following written opinion during the deadline. When we submitted a counterargument, the court said that it would be held in a way that would be visible to the audience.

Also, during the deadline, the plaintiff of the first instance also applied for questioning of an immigration official as a witness.

Next time, the state will conduct questioning for 30 minutes, and the plaintiff of the first instance will conduct questioning for 60 minutes.

Next session will be on October 12th from 2:00 pm - Courtroom No. 717

[About the method of questioning witnesses]

State side: When showing the video during interrogation, I would like it to be made so that it is not visible to the audience. Security issues arise and there is a risk that witnesses may not be able to testify properly.

We: This violates the principle of open trial. Absolutely against it.

Court: The government should compile its opinion in writing by the next time.

230531 控訴審進行協議期日(通算3回目)

230531 Appeal proceedings consultation date (3rd time in total)

2023/7/11 17:21










7月11日16時〜 東京高裁

Discussing the cross-examination of witnesses by immigration control officers

[Witness application from the plaintiff of the first instance]

Court: Will the plaintiff of the first instance also apply as a witness?

→Yes. Submit a witness application by the next meeting.

[Regarding the method of questioning witnesses]

Government side: When showing the video during the interrogation, please do not show it to the audience. It creates security problems and the risk that witnesses will not testify properly.

Me: It goes against the principle of open trial. Absolutely against.

Tribunal: The state side should summarize their opinions in writing by the next meeting.

Date of next consultation

July 11, 16:00-Tokyo High Court

230427 控訴審第2回口頭弁論期日

230427 Appellate Court Second Oral Argument Date

2023/4/27 13:20






5月31日13時30分〜 高裁第24民事部

[Plaintiff of the first instance] Submission of the first brief of the appeal and written opinion on the immigration officials' request for examination of witnesses

[Defendant of the First Instance] Brief dated April 7, 2023 (1), Otsu No. 36 (Immigration Control Officer Statement)


The plaintiff of the first instance has expressed the opinion that the examination of witnesses is unnecessary, but the court believes that it is necessary. Next time, in order to discuss the method and time of the interrogation, it will be designated as a progress discussion date.

[Next date]

May 31, 13:30- High Court 24th Civil Division

230216 控訴審第1回口頭弁論期日

230216 Appellate Court 1st Oral Argument Date

2023/2/16 16:58





一審原告側:控訴状、控訴理由書、国側の控訴理由書に対する答弁書 証拠として甲61〜74

一審被告側:控訴状、控訴理由書、国側の控訴理由書に対する答弁書 証拠として乙28〜35、人証申出(当日、現場にいて対応した入国警備官)





次回期日4月27日(木)午前11時 東京高裁717号法廷

February 16, 2023 (Thursday) 15:00-Tokyo High Court Court No. 717

[Attorneys for the plaintiff in the first instance] Kodama, Ikuta, Uragi, Takahashi, Honda

[Representatives of the defendant in the first instance] 6

[Documents to be submitted]

Plaintiff side of the first instance: Written appeal, statement of grounds for appeal, written answer to the statement of grounds for appeal by the government Evidence Kou 61-74

Defendant of the first instance: Written appeal, statement of reasons for appeal, written answer to the statement of reasons for appeal by the government Evidence Otsu 28-35, personal identification (Immigration control officer who was on site on the day)

[Plaintiff's Counsel for the First Instance Statement] Kodama

【Until next time】

Both sides argue against the allegations in the written answer (until April 7)

Consolidating opinions on national identification applications

Next date April 27 (Thursday) 11:00 am Tokyo High Court No. 717 court


filed an appeal

2022/11/17 18:00

2022/11/17 東京高裁(第24民事部)と相手方に、一審原告側の控訴理由書と証拠(甲61〜66)を提出しました。

2022/11/17 We submitted the plaintiff's grounds for appeal and evidence (Ko 61-66) to the Tokyo High Court (24th Civil Division) and the other party.

220927 控訴申立

220927 Notice of Appeal

2022/9/27 17:53


The plaintiff mailed a letter of appeal to the Mito District Court dated September 27, 2022. The reason for the appeal is that the cause and effect relationship with the death was not recognized, but the detailed reason will be clarified in the appeal statement to be submitted in the future.

220916 判決期日

220916 Judgment date

2022/9/27 17:45


Judgment was handed down and the country was ordered to pay 1.65 million yen.

220520 進行協議期日

220520 Progress consultation date

2022/5/20 13:58


判決は9月16日午後1時30分〜 水戸地方裁判所301号法廷です。


The settlement talks were not finalized and the decision was handed over on the next date. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot talk to you even if you contact us. please note that.

The judgment is from 1:30 pm on September 16th, Mito District Court No. 301.

We plan to hold a press conference after the decision, but the location and time are undecided.

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