CALL4 Podcast【#02 鬼怒川大水害訴訟】を公開しました!

CALL4 Podcast [#02 Kinugawa Huge Flood Litigation] has been released


CALL4 Podcastでは、CALL4に掲載中の訴訟について、CALL4メンバーや原告側の弁護士等がお話ししています。



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In our CALL4 Podcast, CALL4 members, plaintiffs' attorneys, and others discuss about the lawsuits currently registered with CALL4.

In the second CALL4 podcast, we discuss the "Kinugawa River Flood Lawsuit," asking questions such as "What kind of river is the Kinugawa River? What are the issues in the lawsuit?" The Kinugawa River flood disaster occurred on September 10, 2015. This lawsuit was filed to ask the responsibility of the government for the flood control measures. July 22, 2022 was the judgment day for this case.

Recently the damage caused by heavy rain and flooding is increasing, let's think together about the Kinugawa River and about the town you live.

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