Announcement of CALL4 Live Talk ”Our actions to change the future of education”




◾️佐野良介(大学院生、Teachare Aide共同代表)
◾️玉田晴香(教育大学生、Teacher Aide)



CALL4 Live Talk "Our Action to Change the Future of Education" will be held.
Let's think and discuss together about what actions each of us can take for the future of teachers and children in order to let them live more freely and abundantly.

Saturday, 19th February. 20:00 START

◾️Masao Tanaka (Public Elementary School Teacher, plaintiff in a lawsuit " A human-like way of working for teachers who raise humans")
◾️Papa-atama (Metropolitan High School Teacher, plaintiff in a lawsuit "Proceedings for side jobs of educational civil servants")
◾️Ryosuke Sano (Graduate School Students, Co-Representative of "Teacher Aide")
◾️Haruka Tamada (Educating college students, Staff of "Teacher Aide")

MC:Orie Maruyama (CALL4 Deputy Representative)

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